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InALMH  Project

Actief leven kan positieve effecten hebben op de geestelijke gezondheid
InALMH streeft naar het ontwikkelen en promoten van een institutioneel en operationeel kader voor PE  voor MH in heel Europa

Aanbevelingen voor EU-richtlijnen
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Active Living for Mental Health is the multidimensional complex of policies, therapeutic approaches, actions and personal behaviours that promote and enable the exploitation of the benefits arising from sports, physical exercise and physical activity in general in order to maintain good mental health and to address mental health problems.








Definities van lichaamsbeweging en lichamelijke activiteit

Exercise is defined as “planned, structured, and repetitive and has as a final or an intermediate objective the improvement or maintenance of physical fitness.” Within this definition aerobic exercise, high intensity exercise, resistance exercise and mixed exercise are included. Physical activity is defined as “any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that results in energy expenditure”.



SOURCE :Caspersen CJ, Powell KE, Christenson GM. Physical activity, exercise, and physical fitness: definitions and distinctions for health-related research.  Public Health Rep 1985;100(2): 126–31.


Individuals who exercised had 43% fewer days of poor mental health in the past month than individuals who did not exercise but were otherwise matched for several physical and sociodemographic characteristics. All exercise types were associated with a lower mental health burden than not exercising. The largest associations were seen for popular team sports, cycling, and aerobic and gym activities, as well as durations of 45 min and frequencies of three to five times per week.



SOURCE: Sammi R Chekroud, Ralitza Gueorguieva, Amanda B Zheutlin, Martin Paulus, Harlan M Krumholz, John H Krystal, Adam M Chekroud

Verband tussen lichaamsbeweging en geestelijke gezondheid
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Physical activity (PA) may be therapeutic for people with severe mental illness (SMI) who generally have low PA and experience numerous lifestyle-related medical complications.



SOURCES: EPA guidance on physical activity as a treatment for severe mental illness

Voordelen voor geestelijke gezondheid 

The goal is to gather and ensure access to scientific knowledge and information for all. Any relevant scientific work free for publication will be hosted at the Digital Library with strict respect for copyright and full reference to creators and sources. As the framework for the implementation of the project is exclusively non-profit, we call on the research community to respond to it and to provide a license for the hosting of scientific papers of controlled access.


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